U-CARE Foundation "Community empowerment via theater &film"


U-Care Foundation is a non profit organization that seeks to improve communities with socially conscious issues via theater and film.

Founded by Valerie Alleyne Udeozor, "VAL U" Playwright, Screenwriter, U-Care Foundation's mission: "Community empowerment via theater and film, educating and entertaining simultaneously" has carried the organization for over fifteen years in bringing educational & entertaining theater and film to numerous schools and community based organizations and events.

FILM by Valerie Udeozor 

BURNED OUT NURSE The powerful new short film about  how a registered nurse becomes addicted to opiates.Visit the UCARE Burned Out Nurse Page. 

WATCH THE TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/233741214?ref=em-share

HOPE FOR DATING IN LAThis Global Shorts Festival award winning short film is about three Los Angeles "transplants" dealing with the horrors of dating in Los Angeles. This film has screened in numerous festivals nationwide since its 2016 completion.



Full Film Link:https://youtu.be/UQD0pDvarYU

THE LOCKDOWN CLUBThis  2007 Martha's Vineyard African American "Audience Choice" award winning short film is about six teens stuck in a classroom with their teacher while an active shooter is on campus. It received nationwide airing on BET's The Best Shorts" hosted by Hil Harper and is based on the hit stage play of the same title originally written &produced by Valerie Udeozor in 2005

THE LOCKDOWN CLUB 2018: Good stories deserve a remake! We did it! The Lockdownclub 2018 stars the legendary Ted Lange, "Issac" from The Loveboat. This time it's a movement. The issue of active shooters on campuses and mass shootings all over the world is more prevalent than ever. The film will be used to promote changes in gun laws as well as promote tolerance of those different than us.

WATCH THE TRAILER : https://youtu.be/8H_CA7orO5k

BOUGIE #SS BRANDONThe hilarious uninhibited new 2018 comedy starring Jermain Hollman as Brandon is about a very bougie actor and his zany journey in finding out he's adopted. Who is here for a laugh? 

WATCH THE TRAILER: https://youtu.be/Iiswg_IhHbI

STAGEPLAYS written by Valerie Udeozor:

TRAPPED! : a play about 6 pregnant and parenting teens performed at several LAUSD High Schools & Middle Schools, The Stella Adler Theater Los Angeles, Urban Youth Summit @USC, Challengers Boys and Girls Club West Angeles Performing Arts Center ,Long Beach City College

DECISIONS: a play about 4 teens with major decisions about sex, gang involvement and HIV testing, performed all over Los Angeles schools, Stage 52 Theater and twice at Wilberforce University in Ohio

THE LOCKDOWN CLUB: six teens are stuck in a classroom with their teacher while the school is on Lockdown. Performed at Stage 52 Theater, made into the award winning short film of the same title

DELETED: Four teens caught up in a cyber-bullying fiasco, performed at Stage 52 Theater, Youth Opportunities Unlimited High School, Delta Academy Youth Summit, Pasadena City College,Atlanta Black Theater Festival, Morehouse College, Atlanta GA & For RAPPER YG's 4hundredwayze Foundation May 2017 in Compton CA


ROOTS OF DECEIT:The refreshing 2017 UCARE family play starring twins Keisha& Kellie Ramdhanie and Derrell Ricardo. It's a story of love, family issues and deceit.

U-CARE has received grants from The California Endowment, Los Angeles Unified School District, LA Care HMO, The United Methodist Youth Services Fund and LIVING INTO THE FUTURE FOUNDATION

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